Income inequality and its impact on our dreams


Growing up I was the kind of child who wanted everything I saw. My mother would constantly have to remind me that money does not grow on trees and that not every toy is worth owning. We were not middle class, but we were not poor either. I’ve been a dreamer my entire life, always picturing myself doing and accomplishing fantastic things. I thought I was crazy because I knew no adults who had experienced what I was dreaming about. Later in life I understood that what I was picturing in my mind were not dreams, they were goals and that to be able to achieve those goals I would have to work hard and climb the income ladder. Income inequality is a problem and we all know it, but what’s really sad is that most people will live their lives without experiencing what they were dreaming about as children.

Income inequality is a wide gap between the money earned by the richest people in an economy when compared to the poorest. It includes wages, investment earnings, rent, and sales of real estate.

Let’s take America as an example. In 2018, the top 20% of the population earned 52% of all U.S. income. Their average household income was well over $200k. Now, the bottom 20% only earned 3.1% of the U.S. income. Their average household income was below $15k. Most low-wage workers receive no health insurance, sick days, or pension plans from their employers. It makes it impossible for the poorest people in America to get ill and they have virtually no hope of retiring.

It is almost impossible to dream about accomplishing great things when you grow up in the poorest of conditions. I used the word “almost” because there is still hope. I believe the only way to achieve true self-actualization is to find a way to achieve our goals mostly by ourselves. I believe motivation and happiness come from within not from others. But I also believe that the rich should share their experiences so the less fortunate can feel inspired.

Experience and inspiration are two important concepts and I know that you can go from not being able to dream at all to transform your dreams into achievable goals. To do that the well-offs need to share their experiences so we can get inspired. Inspiration is not motivation, I’m inspired by Warren Buffett, but I don’t want to be Warren Buffett. I would pay to sit down with him to learn more about his experiences so I can get inspired to achieve the goals I set for myself.

The team and I are looking to solve this.

Give us your thoughts on that issue.


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