Hair salons are sanctuaries


I’ve heard some of the best jokes at the barbershop. I’ve also heard about sad stories and stories of redemptions. I’ve jumped into interesting conversations and met new friends. Hair salons are indeed sanctuaries. We feel free to provide sensitive information about ourselves and hear about sensitive information about others. The beautiful thing about it is that once we leave the salon we don’t talk about other people’s business. What a wonderful place. We get to be human. I have so many memories from my mother bringing me there for the first time, to going there every other week as a teenager to either get a cut or a line up to impress a young lady.

Hair salons are very old businesses and they will never disappear. The business model has been reshaped a little bit and I’m not talking about freelancers who service their clients from home. In fact, most barbers and hairdressers have started that way, so this is not new. There isn’t a clear winner in that industry, some might be better known than others but there’s no Wal-Mart of hair salons.

Apart from hair product suppliers, it is a tough business for everyone involved in the supply chain. Product suppliers can distribute their products to multiple locations, but a local hair salon can only serve their communities and there can be multiple hair salons on one street!

It is a fragmented market where local players win. Usually operated as small family businesses, hair salon operators are reluctant to change. They have a way of running their business and usually have no interest in standardizing operations and I understand.

As a businessman and fan of the hair salon industry and I cannot help myself, I need to find solutions to make it better, to make it bigger and to enrich its players.

Give us your thoughts.


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