Everyone has something to offer


Talent does not only reside in Hollywood. I actually hate the term “star”. Just because someone can act or sing better than you does not make them better than you. In our society we tend to value certain types of skills higher than others but being known by a lot of people does not make you a star. If Will Smith is a star than my mother is one too. My mother cooks way better than Will but not a lot of people know her. Will Smith is a celebrity because he is known by a lot of people, but even though his acting and rapping skills might be better than yours does not make him a star.

We all have something to offer to our communities or people who visit our communities. The problem is we don’t have a lot of opportunities to show off those skills. Celebrities have all the opportunities in the world, and we are the ones who give them those. If you’re great at cooking lasagna, well your entire neighborhood should know. If you have an amazing man cave and you took years to build it, everyone should know. If you paint part-time and you’re amazing at it, everyone should know. Life circumstances impact our ability to pursue certain things, but just like celebrities, we should all be able to benefit from our talents. YouTube has proven that we can share our skills with the world, but still only a small number of YouTubers are killing it. We associate success by being known throughout the world, what if you could start in your own neighborhood?

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