I believe that education is extremely important. In Quebec, junior college is mandatory before going to university, so I studied business management and marketing there. Then, in university, I studied both finance and accounting. I loved all the programs that I took and I’m still looking forward to continuing my education. But I don’t think I was prepared well enough for any of those programs, I did very good in all of them, but I was never the kind to really listen in class. My mind would wander, and my soul would travel somewhere to meet my dreams. To pass my classes I would study by myself reading about all the stuff I missed in class, even though I was present! School is hard for many because just like me a lot of young people are physically in class but mentally somewhere else. My productivity skyrocketed once I got to be alone. The education system is failing young people because not all of them are made for the classroom.

There are so many available ways to learn nowadays and most of them are social. You can use YouTube, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Lynda, and many others to learn from home by yourself. They are social ways to learn by yourself, sounds funny doesn’t it?

Many of the people who teach on these platforms are not 25 years professionals. Most of them acquired the skills a few months before you did. Learning by teaching is an incredible concept. The more you teach someone the more you learn and guess what the more they learn as well. Learning from peers is powerful because they bring their own logic and are not biased by years of experience.

Many people will have to be retrained in the next few years because many jobs will no longer be available to sentient beings. Company sizes will decrease while the number of freelancers and small business owners will increase. The way schools teach subjects today won’t scale with the number of people that will be looking for training. Someone looking to feed their kids will not enroll in a 4-year college degree when Team Treehouse can teach them how to code in a few months and get them ready for a 50k plus job.

People will be teaching each other. Learning by teaching is a great method of teaching in which students are made to learn the material and prepare lessons to teach to the other students. That’s what our team is focusing on.

Give us your thoughts on that issue.


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