Society has made us clueless


When we wake up every day, we don’t ask ourselves a lot of questions. We are basic participants in the “system”. Every choice we make is not really a choice. We don’t get to decide what programs our schools offer, where the products we buy come from, what businesses should be created to serve us, or what kind of politicians should be presented to us. Society imposes its limits upon us, and it is not all bad because we wouldn’t want to live in chaos either. But I believe we should have more control over society.

If you could decide I bet, you would make many changes to our current society but letting one person decide would be very dangerous. Dangerous because racism, xenophobia, and stereotypes still exist, and one single person carries way too many biases in their personas. What if we could choose together, what if we could impact our society regularly instead of every 4 years. What if we could build the type of society that provides us with what we really need, more choices. Life is about choices and it is the society that distributes choices, and choices are not distributed equally.

Our team and I are excited to tackle this issue.

Give us your thoughts.


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